Self Harm, Revelation, and Acceptance


          This is not my work. I don’t know who to credit this to but Its damn Beautiful. I don’t feel the need to take pics of mine before clean up. It’s just not on my mind like that. I’m ashamed. I am so afraid my family will know I still do this. I’ve cut myself since I was 8 years old. My mother showed me how to with a plastic shoe string end. Loved it, never went back. I am almost 31 now and still have found no better way of coping with the accumulative bullshit. I try, and try, to keep it further from my mind but when the obsessive thoughts start, there’s no peaceful ending. It starts small. There’s a fleeting thought of how it will feel. How the blood will pool onto my lap and down my arm.. Then by day two, I’ve done it. It’ll  be another 2-3 days before I stop cutting. Before it all runs from my mind and body like the evil darkness, the evil dark scourge that encircles my every thought. I’ll never fully escape it. I wish I knew a better way to control this shit but I’m too old to learn new tricks. I’ve noticed that missing sleep will incapacitate my mind. My logic center shuts down. I am so damn tired when I go to bed, but it just doesn’t last long. I read that meds like Benedryl when taken daily will cause dementia and Alzheimer’s so I try to stay away from it. I have worked my ass off to try to control my disease without medications. I’ve lost weight for one, by eating a whole food Plant-based diet. I hold pills in then lowest regard. I just can’t bring myself to take them. Now, with that being said, I do not think anything negative about someone who utilizes medications of any kind to help treat their issues. My husband is a MD for gods sakes folks. It’s just not the life I am chasing for myself.  For some people it truly is a matter of life or death and unfortunately one day it might be the only option for myself as well. I’m breaking my heart almost daily. Do I do it because I deserve it? Do I use it as a break between the feels and feel nots? It makes me happy while it’s happening. It’s like eating a cheeseburger from Wendys. Absolute bliss until you’re done, then you get to ride home with the guilt and shame of having said meal. It’s just been one of those days, I guess. Talking about my cutting adoration has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Theres a million people out there like me. Your friends, your sister, your brother, Your Mama… You’d never know. My own brother would probably disown me. I’ll just hang on to this secret for the rest of my life from him and my parentals. It’s just been one of those days and the coming days will be too.









Charlie Gard, diets, kids….

G’day Yall. 

Saw on the news this am that the baby we’ve all been watching has passed away. What a horrendous situation for any parent to be in. Ive seen such mixed outbursts from people. Some that think the parents were in the wrong. This amazes me in a way. As a parent, I would do ANYTHING it took for my child to be ok. ANYTHING. In the end, the best thing they could do was to let him pass. Still such a terrible thing to have to go through. My heart, prayers, and love goes out to Charlies’ parents.

Finding time to write has been slightly difficult due to my kiddo being out on summer vacation. Mom what you doing? Let me see..Whats that word? Who are you writing to?….You get it. She’s currently beside me but so involved in her game that she’s ignoring me. Im glad she’s not old enough to understand whats happening. Just be a kid, Pidden. One day Im going to have to explain so much to her.

Her bio-dad and I divorced a few years ago and she doesn’t see him much. Thats what currently plagues her right now. No matter how many times I tell him that he can come see her whenever he wants for any length of time, he still doesn’t. She doesn’t understand that and assumes its all up to me if she sees him. I doubt I’ll have to explain this in detail one day as she will figure it out soon enough. It really slams home the whole notion of really knowing who you’re marrying and having children with…    Anyway, school starts soon and she will have other things on her mind.


In december 2017, I am/was planning to have weightloss surgery. Drastic right? well, I need to lose around 100 lbs and i was going to adopt a whole new life style to accommodate that surgery..Then I came across a documentary on Netflix called What The Health. EYE OPENING. Later I watched Forks over Knives…and a few others now. After tons of my own research and my dear husband is a Physician, so we piled research and decided a plant based diet had sooooo many merits to great health and here we are dropping weight like crazy and getting super healthy. I encourage anyone taking medication, over weight, or just generally unhappy, to watch these documentaries then do your own research. Do tons of it. Make yourself convinced in one direction or another.

On another note, I am unmedicated for my mental illness. I am currently ascending, i think. Im having the incurable racing thoughts. Im tired as hell too. I want to write all the time which is a no brainer for me up cycling. I wish things were normal. Or atlas a better version of my normal.